Three Sixteen (formerly “Soulfire”) is a Christian Hard Rock band from Central Arkansas who’s music is best described as dark, edgy, hard hitting rock with mainstream overtones. Three Sixteen strives to not be just “another local band”, but to stand out musically and professionally from their peers. Three Sixteen’s members are all accomplished, seasoned musicians who dedicate themselves to producing quality rock music for their fans. 

Three Sixteen has went through a few lineup changes, several song changes and a band name change, but see it all as just part of the growing process. While the band is still young, and relatively unknown, it has made quite a splash despite the fact that only a few private shows have been played and no heavy promotions have been put out there. Three Sixteen was recently invited by Afton Little Rock, a nationwide promotions company, to join with them and start playing Afton shows around Arkansas. Thank you to all our wonderful fans and friends who have supported
Three Sixteen (Soulfire) over the last year.

                 You guys are awesome! 

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